free ways to find out if someone is married

How to Find out if Someone is Married for Free

Statistics show that over 50 percent of men and women admit to cheating on their spouse in some way. With infidelity on the rise, it becomes more important to know how to weed out the potential liars and possibly avoid the heartbreak that is sure to come.

So how can you find out if someone is married? If you have asked him or her and still have nagging suspicions.

Try these seven free ways to find out if someone is married

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring would be the most obvious sign that someone is married. However, some men choose not to wear a wedding ring. Moreover, a ring is easy to remove. Keep an eye out for a tan line on the left ring finger. That could be an indication that a missing ring, although it could result from a recent divorce.

Friends and Family

Before diving into research, ask your friends and family. See if anyone knows about the marriage. If possible, talk to the friends of the person you are checking out.


Facebook is popular social networking site for all ages. Chances are, the person you are searching for is on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account, sign up for free. Search for the person in question. Most Facebook users do not utilize all of the privacy settings available, which allows you potentially to view a lot of private information about the person. Check for relationship status and browse through picture albums.

How to Find out if Someone is Married for Free

If you are not familiar with Facebook, follow these steps to locate personal information:

  • Log in to your account.
  • In the search box located at the top, type in the first and last name of the person in question.
  • When you locate the page, click on the name to access their page.
  • If you this person is not on your friends list, you will not be able to view all information. Click on the “info” tab on the left. If relationship status is viewable, it will be located here.
  • If this person is currently on your friends list, relationship status and other personal information should be located on the left under the profile picture.

Google Search

Enter the person’s name into Google search. Many newspapers now publish their papers online as well as in print. A search engine could help you locate engagement or wedding announcements. You might even be able to find bridal registry information. Just remember to put the search name in quotations for best results – “First Name Last Name”

White Pages Phone Directory

You can locate the name in your local phone directory or use for online search. Look for Mr. and Mrs. or two names on the account. If using the online version, you can use reverse phone number search. Use his or her phone number to locate account information. This works best with a landline phone.

Newspaper Search

If you have an idea of the date of the marriage, you could search newspaper records. If they have a search database, you could perform a search using either name or possible date.

Check Public Records

Contrary to popular belief, marriage records are not always available to the public. Many states require a letter of request, including the reason for the search, and possibly a fee. You may be able to search online in some states. Contact your local county courthouse for requirements in your county and state. Or check for information on each state by following this link and scrolling to the bottom to select your state.

These seven free resources should help you to find out if someone is married. The more resources you utilize, the more confident you can be in your findings.

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