free ways to find out if someone is married

How to Find Out if Someone is Married

In a world of internet dating and long distance relationships, it is more important than ever to safeguard yourself against possible liars and scammers. There is nothing worse than falling in love only to find that your potential mate is already taken.

Besides heartbreak and embarrassment, there is also the possibility that you could be in legal trouble if you have a sexual relationship with a married man or woman. According to this website, the betrayed spouse can sue the other man or woman for having a relationship with their cheating spouse. According to the law posted, the betrayed spouse can sue you even if you were not aware that your lover was already in a marriage.

Internet dating sites make it easy for married people to hide their status by listing themselves as single. In addition, men and women who often travel for work or pleasure are able to live separate lives in various cities and states. It is easy to live a new life as a stranger in a new city. Traveling across the United States or into other countries gives the cheater even more opportunities to deceive.

How common is infidelity?

A study by the University of Virginia found that “22 percent of ever-married men and 14 percent of ever-married women said they had had an extramarital affair over their lifetimes.” In addition, according to this blog, almost 60 percent of married men will cheat at some point in the relationship. This article puts the number between 30 and 60 percent of all married people. Regardless of the exact percentage, the numbers of unfaithful spouses is fairly high.

According to this article from the Wall Street Journal, infidelity is on the rise among adults under 30. As stated, “Between 1991 and 2006, the numbers of unfaithful wives under 30 increased by 20% and husbands by a whopping 45%.” has conducted an online quiz of cheating spouses, with current results posted on their site. With over 58,000 responses, some of their results should be eye-opening!

  • 30 percent of men admit to using an online service to cheat on their spouse.
  • 72 percent of female respondents admit to having an emotional affair.
  • At least 50 percent of both men and women say they have cheated on their spouse more than once during their relationship.
  • Approximately half of the men and women surveyed say their spouse discovered the affair.

Find Out if Someone is Married

So how do you protect yourself?

Look For a Ring

A wedding ring would obviously be the first sign that a stranger is married. However, many people choose not to wear rings. The practice is more common among men. On top of that, a ring is one of the easiest things to hide. A person can choose to remove a wedding ring whenever they wish. On the other hand, some people will say to look for a tan line, but this could just as easily be a sign of a recent divorce.


  • To your friends and family: When your best friend met your date, did she ask if he was married? Did your mother voice her concerns? Their suspicions could be a sign. Listen to your friends and family. Sometimes a third party can see more from the outside than you can see up close.
  • To yourself: Listen to your gut feelings. Does something feel wrong? Do you suspect that he or she may be married? Go with your gut! It is usually right.
  • To your significant other: Listen to your date. Did he or she say something that seems suspicious? Does it seem that your date is telling lies to cover up his or her whereabouts? Listen and read between the lines to pick up on hints that your potential lover is covering something up.
  • To online advice: There are many dating forums on the web. At, you can ask for advice from other people like you. Whether you are a man, woman, single, dating, married or just looking, Talk About Marriage has something for everyone. Or get tips from other people through videos online, like these signs that you are dating a player.


If you suspect that the person you want to date is married, the first step would be to ask him or her. Reveal your suspicions, but do not accuse. Be calm. Try to stick with the facts. Ask for honesty. Your significant other may have a reasonable explanation that clears him or her of all doubts.


Do you still feel suspicious? Time to get your hands dirty with some research. Here are some online resources to help you find out if your potential lover is married.

Online Video Help

To begin with, view these short informational videos on finding out if someone is married.

  • The Love Guru
  • ehow


If you do not already have an account, registration on Facebook is free. If the person you are dating is on Facebook, search through his or her pictures and profile for any suspicious activity. Sometimes even the best liars can be caught by a post on Facebook. Did a friend tag him in a picture with another woman? Read the comments and check out the other woman’s page if possible.

Check the relationship status on Facebook. Maybe he or she slipped up and forgot to hide it. It is easy to see a relationship status for people on your friends list. Personal information is located on an individual’s profile page on the left hand side under their picture. If you are searching for relationship status for someone who is not on your friends list, it should be located under the “info” tab on the profile, unless privacy is enabled.

Reverse Phone Look-up

Access phone subscriber names and addresses by using a reverse phone look-up. Look for additional or different names on the phone plan.

White Pages offers a free reverse look-up. Simply enter the number and search. This works best for landlines, but may also tell you where a mobile number originates. Pay attention to the names and addresses associated with the phone number.

For a price, you can access mobile subscriber information at Reverse Mobile. Enter the number and select your pricing plan. Reverse Mobile has access to millions of public and unlisted phone directories.


If you have an email address and want to find out who owns it, use a reverse email search. Purchase a membership with The Worldwide Email Finder , enter the email address and search. The search is completely private, so nobody will know you are seeking information.

Address Search also has a reverse email search feature. At this time, they have more than 95 million email addresses in the database. Their services are free and your privacy is protected. The only downfall is that the service only provides the first name and the last initial of the originator of the email address.

Username Check

If the person you are investigating has a unique username online, you can use Username Check to search for sites where the username is located. Simply enter the username and this database will check for it on 20 different sites.

Picture Search

Tin eye actually allows you to perform a reverse search using a photo. Locate a picture from Facebook or a dating website and enter it into the system. Tin eye will search the web to locate where else that picture resides on the web. There are billions of pictures on the web, so you may have to try a few photos to see results.

Google Search

Locating information on your boyfriend or girlfriend may be as easy as typing their name into Google and hitting search. Try it and see what pops up! This free search may lead you to newspaper articles, blog posts, photos and other records that could provide some answers.

Tip: Put quotation marks around the name for better search results. For example “Jane Doe”, instead of Jane Doe.

Personal Records

You can check public records personally by visiting the courthouse or use the internet to search records online. provides a free search of marriage records. Because marriage records are located in the public domain in many states, they are often more searchable than birth or death certificates. Public Record Finder also offers a search of a variety of public records. Enter the person’s first and last name along with any city they have lived in.

Note: Every State Has Different Rules

Checking public records may be more difficult in some states. According to, the legal record for registering personal records such as marriage certificates, resides within each state. Examples from the site are summarized below.

  • Nevada, Florida and Texas – For a price, marriage and divorce records are searchable online.
  • Ohio – You can search for marriage and divorce records through the courts of each county. The drawback? You need to know which county to search and you must submit a written request that includes the names of the husband and wife.
  • Pennsylvania – Each county sets its own procedures for requesting records.
  • Kansas – Marriage records are not open to the public.
  • California – Marriage records that are available to the public are maintained by the counties and may be searched. However, some marriage licenses are confidential in this state.

Because there is no central database for marriage records in the United States, the ability to access personal records can be vary greatly from state to state. Your best bet is to use the internet to research the policy for your chosen state.

My boyfriend or girlfriend is married. Now what?

  • Confront the liar. Take your time before you face him or her. Make sure that you have your facts straight. Stay calm and collected and present the facts as you found them. Give your significant other a chance to explain, but remember what you found. Do not let him or her sway you into staying even though they are married.
  • Get out! If you find concrete evidence that your significant other is married, it is time to end the relationship. Get out of the relationship and cut off all ties.
  • Learn from this experience. Everything we do in life gives us wisdom and experience for what is ahead. What can you learn from this experience? Use this to guide you in future relationships. Hopefully, nobody can fool you again.
  • Seek support. If you have a good support system, now is the time to use it. Family and friends can give emotional support during your break up. They can keep you on the right track and help you to get back on your feet as soon as possible. You can also find support online from sites like Cheaters & Broken Hearts and Talk About Marriage. Know that you are not alone and seek advice from others who have lived through a similar experience.
  • Stay positive. Know that it was not your fault. People who cheat on their spouses are probably experienced liars. Who knows how many people they have already fooled? Take time to reflect on your positive traits and remember what makes you a good catch. Know that you deserve someone who is honest and capable of being in a long-term relationship with you.

Outing a liar is not always an easy thing to do. Most adults who lie have told lies their entire lives. They are good at it. No guide can tell you exactly what to do. Every situation is unique. Nonetheless, if you trust your gut and are willing to do a little research, you should be able to find the truth.

And if the person you are researching comes back clean? Then you should feel comfortable continuing your relationship as long as you feel it is right.

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